Jerusalem, one of the world’s oldest and holiest cities, is a must-see destination. The city is a center for religion, culture, and history, attracting millions of visitors each year. There are several ways to travel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, including train, bus, and taxi. 


Traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by train will take you an hour or less. To do so, you can take a direct train from any station in Tel Aviv.


24 NIS 


Sun-Thu: 6am-9pm 
*The train doesn’t operate on Shabbat (Friday evening through Saturday evening). 


For information on accessibility, please visit Israel's accessibility website.

Helpful App: "Israel Railways" | Available on App Store and Google Play


Taking a bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will take you approximately one hour. You can take bus route 480 from Tel Aviv-Savidor Center (Arlozrov Terminal) to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Another option is to take bus route 405 from the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. 


16 NIS 


Bus Route 480: Sun-Thu 6:30am-3am 
Bus Route 405: Sun-Thu 6am-12am 

*Buses don’t operate on Shabbat (Friday evening through Saturday evening).


Bus companies Dan and Metropoline have a wheelchair accessible ramp as well as a designated spot for wheelchairs. For more information, visit Israel's accessibility website.  
Helpful Apps: 
"Moovit" | Available on App store and Google Maps
 "Google Maps" | Available on App store and Google Maps


You can also take a taxi from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. However, this option is expensive. A ride from the city center to Jerusalem will cost you around 300 NIS. Keep in mind, prices also depend on the day of the week and hour. Between 5:30am and 9pm, you can expect a lower tariff, whereas between 9pm and 5:30am, you can expect a higher one. On Shabbat and holidays, the higher tariff goes into effect. 


Approximately 300 NIS 


24 Hrs

Helpful Apps: "Gett", "Raxi", "Uber", and "Yango"