Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main airport, is located around 15 km from Tel Aviv. It has two main terminals: Terminal 3, designated for international flights, and the smaller Terminal 1, designated for domestic and low-cost international flights. There are several ways to travel from and to the airport, including train, bus, and taxi.


The train station is located at the lower level of Ben Gurion’s Terminal 3. There is a direct route from the airport to Tel Aviv and vice versa. The train from Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv generally leaves from Platform 1. You can take a train back to the airport from any train station in Tel Aviv. 


Tel Aviv - HaHagana (Southern Tel Aviv), Tel Aviv - HaShalom (Central Tel Aviv), Tel Aviv - Savidor Center (Central Tel Aviv), and Tel Aviv - University (Northern Tel Aviv).

*After midnight, the train stops only at Tel Aviv-HaHagana and Tel Aviv-Savidor Center. 


13.50 NIS 


Sun-Thu: 24 Hrs
*Please Note: the train doesn’t operate from Friday morning to Saturday evening. 


The train from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv is accessible to persons with wheelchairs - there is no need to notify in advance of your arrival. However, if you would like personal assistance (a team waiting for you at the entrance), it is recommended to notify the station 24 hours prior to your scheduled journey. For more information, visit Israel's accessibility website

Helpful App: “Israel Railways” | Available on App Store and Google Play


Bus line 445 takes passengers to and from the airport (Terminal 3) to central Tel Aviv. It picks up and drops off passengers along Dizengoff, Burgashov, HaYarkon, Ben Yehuda, and other central streets in the city. The bus operates every hour excluding Shabbat (Friday evening through Saturday evening). 


For the most updated routes and schedules please refer to the official Moovit website or application: Moovit 


Bus companies Dan and Metropoline have a wheelchair-accessible ramp as well as a designated spot for wheelchairs. For more information, visit Israel's accessibility website.  

Helpful Apps: "Moovit" | Available on App Store and Google Play
"Google Maps" | Available on App Store and Google Play


The taxis at Ben Gurion Airport operate under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority. Taxis are available outside the arrival hall, however, it is recommended to use the taxis found on Level 2 outside of Terminal 3 (take the escalators to your left after you pass through customs). The taxis departing from Level 2 have a flat rate of 150 NIS and there will be a taxi sorter to assist you. Please ask the sorter for assistance. Culturally, Israelis do not tip taxis, please do not tip your driver.


Flat rate - 150 NIS 


24 Hrs