Edgar21805/27/2021 7:30:00 PM5/27/2021 5:30:00 PM<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/אדגר.jpg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1">Theater Performance 4/13/2021 11:41:30 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseNa Laga'at Center presents a play without words, featuring marvelous video scenery, original music, and stylish costumes. Edgar, played by a deaf-blind actor, embarks on a fantastic journey after losing his sight and hearing senses. Throughout his journey he encounters a blind dog (played by a vision impaired actor), a forest formation, and a lonely woman (played by a hearing impaired actress)- all of which help him recognize and accept himself and his new situation. Please Note: entrance is admitted in accordance with the Green Badge guidelines.Ha'Alyia Hashniya
Children of a Lesser God21815/20/2021 7:30:00 PM5/20/2021 5:30:00 PM<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/נא%20לגעת%20הצגה%202.JPG" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1">Theater Performance 4/13/2021 11:39:38 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseSarah Norman's refusal, as a janitor in a school for the deaf, to use her voice, and her insistence on communicating only by signing, places ambitious teacher and speech therapist, James, before a huge challenge. This leads to a surprising and sensitive love story, interlaced with the stories of additional characters- both hearing and non-hearing. Together they tell a complex story, confronting the audience with sensitive social and communication related questions. Please Note: entrance is admitted in accordance with the Green Badge guidelines.Ha'Alyia Hashniya
Not by Bread Alone21824/29/2021 7:30:00 PM4/29/2021 5:30:00 PM<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/נא%20לגעת%20הצגה%203.JPG" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1">Theater Performance 4/22/2021 7:22:27 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseIn this play, eleven deaf-blind actors take the audience on a magical journey through their inner world; a world of darkness, silence and…bread. As the process of bread-making unfolds live on stage; the dough being kneaded, raised, and baked- a unique encounter occurs between the actors and the audience. Together, they reenact vivid or distant memories, recall forgotten dreams and joyful moments, and ‘touch’ the spark of creation present in every one of us. Please Note: entrance is admitted in accordance with the Green Badge guidelines. Ha'Alyia Hashniya
What Makes Us Human?47076/30/2021 3:00:00 PM2/24/2021 8:00:00 AM<img alt="Shay Ben Efraim" src="/PublishingImages/תערוכה%20במוזיאון%20הטבע%20צילום%20שי%20בן%20אפרים.jpeg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1" title="Shay Ben Efraim">Natural History Exhibit3/1/2021 12:33:14 PMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseWhat makes you, you? How did we as humans develop abilities such as hunting, self-defense, language, thought, and more? What happened during the Agricultural Revolution (8,200-14,900 years ago)? How did commerce develop? Discover all this and more at the fascinating exhibit, “What Makes Us Human?” currently hosted at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History. Klausner 12
Die Fledermaus54345/5/2021 11:59:00 PM4/30/2021 12:00:00 AM<img alt="Guy Yehieli‎" src="/PublishingImages/האופרה%20הישראלית%20צילום%20גיא%20יחיאלי.jpg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1" title="Guy Yehieli‎">Opera Performance 4/22/2021 7:23:16 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseA treat for all opera lovers! The Israeli Opera presents “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss II - the most popular Viennese operetta of all times! A combination of the Viennese Waltz, polkas, and more! Shows will take place on April 30th, May 4th, and May 5th. *The shows will be held in accordance with the Green Badge guidelines. The Israeli Opera
Pop-Up Bakery by Danon Culinary Center71504/30/2021 8:30:00 AM4/9/2021 5:00:00 AM<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/דנון%20בייקרי.jpg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1">Every Friday 4/11/2021 10:23:06 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseStart the weekend the right way with coffee and a pastry made by Danon Culinary Center’s talented students! Every Friday morning, you’re invited to taste their creative and original pastries (and take some home for Shabbat). So what’s on the menu? Delicious tarts, croissants, breads, and special desserts- all prepared on the spot. *Please wear a face mask and make sure to follow the Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines.HaTa'arucha St 3 Tel Aviv
Ceramic Art Exhibits 83765/22/2021 11:00:00 AM4/9/2021 7:00:00 AM<img alt="Artist: Izika Gaon, Photo: Ori Shiprin" src="/PublishingImages/איזיקה גאות צילום אורי שיפרין תערוכה גלריה בנימיני.jpg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1" title="Artist: Izika Gaon, Photo: Ori Shiprin">4/12/2021 1:52:35 PMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseAre you looking to indulge in some beautiful art? The Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, situated in Tel Aviv’s Kiryat Ha’Melacha neighborhood, is hosting three ceramic art exhibits for you to enjoy- “Harzelan Porchina” by artist Izika Gaon, “Insects” by Tamarin Marakov, and “Amphorae” by Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum. Ha'Amal St 17 Tel Aviv
Fresco Dance Company Presents: Genderosity1514176/3/2021 7:30:00 PM6/3/2021 6:00:00 PM<img alt="Eli Katz " src="/PublishingImages/גנדרוסיטי%20במרכז%20סוזן%20דלל%20צילום%20אלי%20כץ.jpg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1" title="Eli Katz ">Dance Performance 4/18/2021 7:45:37 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseHosted at the Suzanne Dellal Center, this unique dance performance attempts to explore and break gender stereotypes. Fresco Dance Company’s talented dancers use blue and pink balloons to encourage thinking about gender in a different context. Join them as they examine concepts of gender, love, and sexuality through dance. *Entrance is admitted in accordance with the Green Badge guidelines.Yehi'Eli 5
Come41531556/19/2021 3:00:00 PM4/19/2021 7:00:00 AM<img alt="Lipaz Golan " src="/PublishingImages/קרדיט ליפז come4 exhibit גולן.jpg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1" title="Lipaz Golan ">Art Exhibit 4/18/2021 8:49:30 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseStop by the W Tower in Tel Aviv to check out this new local art exhibit, curated by Israeli artist Jaffa Meir. On display, you’ll find a range of art forms- including paintings, photography, sculptures, readymade, and more- which will take you on a colorful and fascinating journey through the world of art.Nissim Aloni St 4 Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design 20201536735/4/2021 5:00:00 PM4/4/2021 7:00:00 AM<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/הביאנלה לעיצוב במוזא.jpg" style="border-width: 0px;" class="sq-img-Picture1">Grand Craft and Design Exhibit4/20/2021 9:08:05 AMhttp://visit.tel-aviv.gov.il/Lists/EventsList/AllItems.aspxFalseEnjoy works by highly talented and imaginative Israeli artists at the Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design, an innovative project created and produced by MUZA - Eretz Israel Museum. Held for the first time, the Biennale brings together diverse fields of contemporary craft and design for one must-visit exhibit. Throughout the museum’s galleries, outdoor sites and park the Biennale draws a picture of the current Israeli of craft and design with special emphasis on ceramics, glass, textile, jewelry and paper. Assembled under the title "First person. second Nature" 250 works are presented exploring physical and conceptual materials exploring local and cultural spheres. Haim Levanon St 2