One of the best ways to experience Tel Aviv is by foot. The city is small in size, making it extremely walkable. However, there are many other ways to get around, including bus, bicycle, scooter, and taxi. 

Weekend Transportation

Free transportation services are now offered on Fridays and Saturdays in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. 

Please Note:

1) The buses run approximately every half hour. On Fridays between the hours 5pm and 2am and on Saturdays between the hours 9:30am and 6pm. 
2) Real-time information and schedules in English can be found at the BuSofash website as well as at the following transportation apps: "Moovit," "efoBus," "Bus Nearby."  Please note: electronic signs at bus stations don't present bus hours.
3) The buses and relevant stations are branded accordingly and feature dedicated maps. 
4) A passenger with a motor disability interested in using the service can do so by contacting the call center in advance: +972-39876000
5) At this stage, the transportation service is offered free of charge and passengers are able to move freely from one bus line to another. 
6) Food and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on board, but water is ok.
7) During the hours that the service is in operation, you can contact the call center at +972-3967-6000. During non-operating hours, you can call the participating Municipality hotline: 106 (+972-3-5238888).

For a detailed map of the routes, click here. 


The buses in Tel Aviv follow an efficient network of routes, with many stations scattered throughout the city. A ticket for a single ride in Tel Aviv costs 5.90 NIS. To ride the bus, you need to purchase a smart card called "Rav-Kav" (see “Israel’s Travel Card”). To find the best bus route for you, see recommended apps below.

Helpful Apps: 
"Moovit" | Available on App Store and Google Play
"Google Maps" | Available on App Store and Google Play

Please Note: due to infrastructure works taking place across the city, it's recommended to use transportation apps for real-time information. 

Click here for Tel Aviv's public transport map.


Bus companies Dan and Metropoline have a wheelchair accessible ramp as well as a designated spot for wheelchairs. For more information, visit Israel's accessibility website

Share-Route Taxis

Share-route taxis (monit sherut in Hebrew) are yellow minivans which operate as shared taxis, both within and outside Tel Aviv. They operate seven days a week and generally follow public bus routes. Unlike the bus, they will stop anywhere along their route, even it it’s not a bus station. To stop a share-route taxi, simply wave your hand as if you’re hailing a cab. 


Share-route taxis are relatively large vehicles and they have an accessible ramp. Most have space for one wheelchair, however, some can hold more than one. For a list of taxi operators, including contact and accessibility information, visit Israel’s accessibility website


Tel Aviv’s flat topography and comfortable climate make it a great location for bicycle and scooter riding. Throughout the city, you will find over 175 green Tel-O-Fun bike stations. This municipality-run bike sharing option enables riders to pick-up and drop-off a standard or electric bicycle as needed. There are also several private companies which offer bike and electric scooter sharing services (see helpful apps below). 

Helpful Apps: 
"Moovit" | Available on App Store and Google Play
"Google Maps" | Available on App Store and Google Play
"Telobike", "Mobike", "Bird", "Wind", "Lime" and "Bike".

How does Tel-O-Fun work? 

1. Go to one of the Tel-O-Fun stations around town.
2.  Choose a daily, 3-day, or weekly access card.
3. Rent a bicycle and start riding. The first 30 minutes are included in the rental fee. Afterwards, you pay according to usage time.
4. When you are done using the bicycle, return it to any Tel-O-Fun station.

Safety Rules and Tips:

1.The law requires that you ride on bike lanes or the road. It is not permitted to ride on sidewalks. This applies to both bicycles and scooters.​
2.By law, you must wear a helmet at all times while riding.
3. By law, you must obey traffic signs and laws.
4. The use of electric scooters and bicycles is restricted to people ages 16 and above. 
5. It is forbidden to ride with another person on the same scooter or bicycle.
6. In the city center, parking is permitted only at designated parking lots (which appear as white marked rectangles). Throughout the rest of the city, please park close to buildings or curbstones (leave two meters for pedestrians to pass through).
7. Blocking public passageways, bus stops, buildings, businesses, or educational institutions may result in a fine.
8. Alarm activation is permitted only between 7am and 11pm. 
9. While riding, stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings. 
10. Wear bright clothing or add reflectors so that drivers can see you.
11. Electric scooters are not allowed in pedestrian-only zones.
12. Shared electric scooters should be parked in designed parking spaces. 

To pay a bicycle/scooter violation fine, click here
If you received a fine and have any questions, please email: 


"Auto-Tel" is a municipality-run vehicle-sharing service that enables residents and visitors to rent a car by the minute within Tel Aviv-Yafo. 

How Does it Work? 

1. Join: the registration process is fast, easy, and super intuitive. 
2. Choose: pick your beauty from an extensive fleet of vehicles distributed throughout the city. 
3. Go: unlock your car using the app or smartcard, and get going. 
4. Just park: there are more than 300 free registered parking spots available throughout the city. 
5.*Please remember to cancel your subscription before leaving.

For pricing and additional details please visit Auto-Tel's website.

Share - Israel Car Sharing

"Share - Israel Car Sharing" is a vehicle-sharing service that enables residents and visitors to rent a car for a few hours for journeys within or outside of Tel Aviv-Yafo.


1. Download the app: Share - Israel Car Sharing
2. Pick a car near you.
3. Unlock the car from your phone.
4. Drive wherever you need 24/7

For pricing and additional details please visit Share - Israel Car Sharing


Riding taxis in Israel: 

All drivers are required by law to turn on the meter. When entering the taxi, let your driver know that you would like a receipt at the end of the ride. It is recommended to download one of the major taxi apps: Gett, Raxi, or Yango. Additionally, download and use the app "Waze" to ensure that your driver is taking the shortest route. 

*Please send complaints, including the taxi number and receipt to:
*You can also call the police by dialing 100


Parking rules in Tel Aviv-Yafo are complicated- even for Israelis!

Some basic recommendations:

1. Parking lots are the best option – and municipal lots (named "Ahuzot HaHof") are also very cheap.
2. Curb-side parking alongside blue and white pavements requires a payment done by an app.

parking signs:

There are two main parking signs in Tel Aviv:
1) Restricted Parking Signs: indicating that parking is available only for residents with a parking permit at certain hours - for English version click here
2) Regular Parking Signs: indicating that parking is available for the general public (payment required at certain hours) -for English version click here.

Helpful Apps:
"Pango" | Available on App Store and Google Play
"Cellopark" | Available on App Store and Google Play
*Please Note: these apps require an Israeli SIM card (available at the city's Tourist Info Centers).

To pay a parking fine, click here

Kindly Note: In most streets, one side is reserved to residents only in the late afternoon. If you do not read Hebrew, it is recommended to consult a local who will be happy to assist.

If you received a fine and have any questions, kindly send a photo of it to: or